Creating Awareness of the Customary Land Rights Documentation process in Ghana

The documentation of one's land rights is widely recognized as an important measure for achieving security of land rights. However, many land-rights-holders in Ghana do not have documentation on their land. Some owners of land rights- especially at the customary level- have limited knowledge about documentation of land rights, may not have access to land documentation services or may even not be aware of the need for such documentation.

With funding from Omidyar Network, COLANDEF is currently implementing a two-year policy advocacy and media campaign under a project themed "The Customary Land Rights Documentation Project." The main goal of the project is to increase public knowledge and awareness on documentation of land rights in Ghana and to provide a handbook which provides a step-by-step guide for actors at the customary level to go through land rights documentation. The three main components of the project are: field research, stakeholder engagements, handbook development and piloting as well as sensitization and public awareness raising through the media.

As part of the media sensitization under the project, COLANDEF holds a one hour live TV event- Pampaso on Adom TV (Ghana) every month. The program runs from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (UTC) on the first Tuesday of every month.

You can also watch the show prerecorded on our Facebook and Youtube channels linked at the bottom of this site.